Monday 30 April 2012

Adjusting Stock Quantities on Stock Items in Dolphin 4

This post is about a task that will crop up most likely each time you do a stock take, or , if you manage your stock quite closely , then a bit more often.

If you've counted your stock , and found that you have less of one item than you thought, adjusting the stock is a very simple procedure .

Click on the Setup Tab , and then select the Item Icon

Find and select the Item that needs to be adjusted.

An example below includes an item that I have captured in my demo system , called My Stock Item.

I will then click on the 'Extra' Button which is in the bottom left hand corner of the Grid.  A small menu will open with an option called 'Adjust/Transfer Stock'

Once I select this option , the Stock Adjustment / Transfer screen will open:

Let's say I have counted 150 of My Stock Item. In order to update it, I will simply capture 150 into the Qty field on the Stock Adjustment / Transfer Screen, and if I wanted to I could also capture a note with some details about the stock take and maybe make a note of the name of the staff member who physically counted the stock. I would then click on Adjust

 A small confirmation message will pop up , and I will click on YES 

My Quantity will update , and I will then click on Close

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