Tuesday 24 April 2012

How do I add repeated instructions to a Quote?

Many times , Job Descriptions on your quotes will need to be repeated , for example, you may want to add a specific instruction for how to handle the finishing or delivery of the completed product , and then use that same instruction on multiple quotes . 

This feature is the perfect way to minimise any errors from occurring by allowing you to add instructions to quotes without having to type them out every single time. 

Dolphin also allows you to capture and save your own descriptions and individual notes , making it a specific fit for your business and workplace. 

Here's how : 

Step1 - Create and Save a Note 

Step2 - Add the Note to the description 

In the Quote details screen , you should see a large text box titled Job Description, or Description.

In a standard dolphin layout  , this box is usually accesible from a small tab on the far right of the screen, if you have customised your layout , or you have a custom set up of dolphin , then you may need to look around a bit on the screen. 

Once you find the screen , point your mouse over the text area , hold the CTRL key down , and left-click. 

A pop up screen with open :

Click on the + button on the bottom left of the screen and a new line will open in the grid : 

Type in , or if you have copied some text from another quote , then paste in the Description / Instructions that you want . 
A small pencil icon on the row that the line is in Edit Mode, and you can change the wording should you wish to. 

To select this instruction in future, click your mouse on the row to the left , so that you can see a small arrow highlighting the row 

Click on the OK Button at the bottom right of the Screen. 

Your Description will update with the Selected Note : 

You can add as many notes as you wish, to both the notes screen and onto the Description. Notes will be available for all quotes , you just need to CTRL and Click to see the selection screen. 

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