Thursday 17 May 2012

AVG Internet Security Business Edition thinks my dolphin application files are malware or a virus

We have recently come across this issue , our suspicion is that it occurs because of updates released by AVG (occuring over 6 and 7 May 2012) - which we will confirm once we have more details from AVG.

In short the problem is that AVG scans and finds that one of the dolphin dll files is suspicious. It then proceeds to delete or quarantine the file, depending on your preferred settings.

We have submitted the file to AVG , but until we hear back from them , we have the following advice for our clients that are using AVG products.

If one of the following is true :

  • The file ( or multiple files) have already been deleted , and you can no longer estimate in Dolphin4 
  • You cannot find the file , as one or more of the folders are hidden 
You need to contact the Distributor that currently provides your support so they can assist you in getting your copy of dolphin working. 

If you can still work in Dolphin

If you can find the file , and it has only been quarantined , then you can take the following steps : 

  • Open AVG
  • Select Tools
    • Advanced Settings
    • Resident Shield
    • Excluded Items
  • Select option 'Add File'
  • Navigate to the file , or paste the path into the screen and then click on ADD. 

very important note 

Do not add an entire folder as an exception , particularly DO NOT add the Apps2.0 folder as an excluded folder. 

If you do this , you will leave any software applications written using .NET , or other Microsoft third-party applications vulnerable to malware.

If you are nervous about adding this file exception yourself , rather contact your Distributor for assistance. 

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