Monday 28 May 2012

Changing the background and font colour of the overridden fields in the Estimating Module

In the Quote(Estimating) module , there are a number of calculated  fields that can be overridden with a manual input. When this happens it can be difficult to see at a glance which fields have been overridden.

Dolphin allows you to set up a custom text-colour and background for these fields ,so that you can see at a glance which fields on your grid have been changed by user input.

This is how :

First Click on the Setup Tab

Then Select either the Foreground Override Colour , or the Background Override Colour  under 'Appearance' 

Foreground Override Colour , will change the text-colour of overridden fields 

Background Override Colour, will change the background colour of overridden fields

In both instances , a colour palette will open:

Select the colour for the Text or Background as applicable and Click on the OK button to Save. 

When you click on the Home Tab, and go into the Quote Module , you will now see all overridden fields in the colours that you selected : 

Advanced Colour Selection

If you know the specific HSL and /or RGB values and would rather input those values to make a colour choice, you can do this by clicking on Define Custom Colours , the Palette will expand : 

Once you have made your select, click on 'Add to Custom Colors' , then select the Colour , and click on 'OK'

Preview of choices 

When you change these colours,there is no preview of the background and text combination, so you will need to know the correct colour selection and be happy with how it will read on-screen before making the selection.

Other Users 

The colour selections made will apply to all users, so you also need to be sure that this is going to be the standard for all users across your company.

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