Tuesday 26 June 2012

Why does Dolphin send mail through Microsoft Outlook , even when I have another email Application marked as my Default Email Application?

We have had a couple of questions recently regarding how Dolphin4 Interfaces to  email applications. Specifically for our clients who have MS Outlook installed, and either don't use it, or use it as well as a second mail application to separate their personal and work emails ; 

Dolphin will always look for Outlook, and if it is installed , it will use Outlook to send any emails.

If Outlook is not installed , Dolphin4 will then search for another mail client , and use that to send your emails.

The reason why this happens, and why we chose to develop Dolphin this way ; is because of how simple MAPI works.

The standard generic way to send mail to email applications is via a Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI). And we could interface to Outlook using MAPI, instead of directly as we currently do.

There is one catch ...

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Why does the "Printworxs" Screen come up when I login to Dolphin4?

One of the validations that is done when you login to Dolphin4, is a confirmation that all user accounts are linked to valid person information , and that each person is only linked to a maximum of one user account.

If this is not the case, then a screen listing all the user accounts and person details that are not correctly linked  will come up each time you login. 

Saturday 16 June 2012

How to download an updated License for dolphin4 after you have paid

There are several ways to pay for your license, this post will deal with how to get your license after you have already paid ;

Friday 8 June 2012

I get an error in Dolphin4 when I login that says "Object reference not set to an instance of an Object"

When dolphin4 is installed on your server, the install application will automatically install both 64bit and 32bit ODBC drivers.

By doing this , the system is ensuring that both sets of drivers are available for all users, regardless of their particular operating systems.

We have had several reports recently of the following error coming up , specifically at login time :

When this specific error comes up, at login, it means that the ODBC script that matches your operating system is no longer in the database.

So for example, if your server was running a 64bit operating system , and you have staff logging into the system from a machine running a 32bit operating system, if they see this error then it means the 32bit ODBC entry has been deleted in your installation of dolphin.

If you are seeing this error , specifically at login, then you need to urgently contact your Distributor so that they can assist you in re-installing the relevant missing ODBC scripts into your database.

If you have any queries regarding this issue, or the error , please leave a comment , or contact us at feedback@dolphinworxs.com.au.