Saturday 16 June 2012

How to download an updated License for dolphin4 after you have paid

There are several ways to pay for your license, this post will deal with how to get your license after you have already paid ;

When you deal with one of our distributors , you can pay them either by a direct deposit , or a cheque, or an EFT. If you do pay the Distributor , you need to be aware that the new license will only be generated once they in turn settle the outstanding license amount directly with us. So you should expect the new license to be available at least 2-4 days after you have paid the distributor.

We have also  introduced a Paypal interface for clients to pay us directly . If you would like more information on this method of payment , you will find contact details at the end of this post.

Depending on which version of dolphin4 you have ( check our previous post regarding how to find the version number), there are 3 ways to get the new license code  after payment has been made to Dolphinworxs

Older Versions

Starting from some of our older releases - anything up to version 4.442.34.57 you can hit the download button to fetch the new license. Also note that these versions are not supported by our developers ( you can view the supported versions here), so if you are working on one of these versions , you may want to chat to your Distributor about upgrading, and getting the benefits of our recent bug fixes , new features and program enhancements.

To get to the license screen , you will need to Select the Tools Tab, and the License Icon , which look like this :

Once the Pop Up screen opens , you can click on the Download button in the top right hand corner 

Versions released in early 2011 

All releases from version 4.448.34.67 and upwards will automatically update within 24 hours of the new license code being generated after payment.These newer versions check once a day for a new license. Version 4.448.34.67 specifically does not have a download button, so if you do urgently need to download the license and you are running this version, you will need to contact your distributor who will need access to your server in order to manually trigger a download.

Your License form will look as follows for version 4.448.34.67 :

Download Button Back 

All releases from version  4.459.34.101  , will automatically download the license within 24 hours , and the  Download button is back , which will trigger a manual download should you need to fetch the new license urgently.

You can find it by clicking on the Tools Tab, then selecting the new License icon  :

Once the pop up screen opens, the download buttons should be visible and when you click on it , the program will fetch and update the license details.

Paying via Paypal 

If you would like more information on how you can pay us via Paypal, with either a credit card , or your own   paypal account , please contact us at

Paying us directly will not change your support arrangement with your current Distributor, who will still continue to support you. 

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