Wednesday 20 June 2012

Why does the "Printworxs" Screen come up when I login to Dolphin4?

One of the validations that is done when you login to Dolphin4, is a confirmation that all user accounts are linked to valid person information , and that each person is only linked to a maximum of one user account.

If this is not the case, then a screen listing all the user accounts and person details that are not correctly linked  will come up each time you login. 

The screen will look like this , and will list each of the issues it finds:

Why does this happen?

Dolphin allows you to capture your staff details into the software under various roles, without necessarily allowing them access to login with a user account. 

However - user accounts should always be linked to valid person details. Up until version 4.455.34.86 however , the software did not explicitly check this , and sometimes clients experienced issues in other parts of the software when the data was not captured and linked correctly. 

In version 4.455.34.86, which was released in May 2011 , we introduced this check at login time, as well as enforcing the linking of user accounts with person details in the user management screen. 

Clients who started using the software after May 2011, or who have since upgraded , where there is no discrepancy in their data should not see this screen. 

What about a system user account? 

Dolphin does have valid system user accounts , an example would be our Integration Module, which is controlled only through a system login name that is not linked to any specific person, and cannot be linked to any specific person. 

These valid system user accounts are excluded from the check that is performed. 

I have upgraded and I continue to see this error ? 

Start by going to your user account management screen , click on the Setup Tab and then select Users at the far right of the menu 

Once the screen opens , check that each User is linked to valid person , by selecting the correct person  from the Drop down in the Person column : 

If you have more than one user linked to the same person, you will need to select a different person for each user login. 

If you have selected a valid person for each user , and you continue to see this message at login time , please contact your Distributor for assistance in cleaning up your data. 

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