Wednesday 11 July 2012

Crystal Reports Errors : intermittent errors that can be resolved by upgrading your Crystal Runtime version

Dolphin4 uses Crystal Reports to generate, preview and print your documents, such as Quote Letters , Invoices or Work Tickets / Job Bags.

We rely somewhat on new releases of Crystal Runtime ,which may included fixes for known bugs in Crystal Reports software.

It is important to keep updated with the latest release of Crystal Reports, because this affects how Dolphin Interfaces with Crystal, and potentially will affect your experience with Dolphin4.

We have listed below one error messages that may come up in Dolphin4 when trying to preview or print a document. This error will go away if your Distributor replaces your Crystal Runtime with the latest version release from Crystal Reports.

Null Reference Exception Errors 

This error is intermittent and results from a specific set of circumstances, which are unique to a handful of clients. 
Upgrading the Crystal Runtime should completely resolve this issue, if you are one of our clients that sees this error sometimes when trying to print a document. 

What if I see this error when working with documents? 

If you see these errors, and you are running our latest official release, or latest beta release  please contact your Distributor for assistance, so that we can look at the error for you and determine the cause.  

In most cases , the issues are resolved by simply upgrading your Crystal runtime to the latest available release;  your Distributor will be able to assist you with this. The new runtime will need to be installed on all user machines, for people who login and use Dolphin4

If you are already on the correct version of Crystal, then we will need to do some investigation into your database to determine how the data is being used. From there we can pinpoint if we need to add a new error message into the system , or we may  find that there is a bug in the software that we need to fix.

Crystal & Dolphin4 Versions

This issue only affects client who are running Crystal Reports runtime version 13, which is linked to dolphin4 version 4.455.34.86 or higher 

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