Saturday 7 July 2012

I get an error when I login to Dolphin4 that says "Postgresql server configuration warning"

Dolphin4 runs on a PostgreSQL database, and like most databases , the performance from the application and the database relies somewhat on how the database is configured. We also rely on PostgreSQL to release newer versions of their software through their own development and release cycle.

This is so that all the bug fixes , and enhancements that have been made by PostgreSQL to the database are carried over into the Dolphin4 application for our clients.

When this happens, we increase a setting we call "Recomended Postgre Version" . If you have been upgraded on Dolphin4, and the postgreSQL version has not also been upgraded to the relevant version , then you will see a warning message regarding the version of PostgreSQL when you login. 

In addition to this version warning - we have implemented a series of 3 warning messages in our release  number 4.455.34.101, which was released 24 November 2011

These warning messages will pop up when you login, and will highlight 3 key database settings , if they have not been configured correctly. 

If one or more of these settings is not correct , you will most likely be experiencing slow or sluggish performance in Dolphin4. 

An example of the message is below for the 'shared_buffers' setting: 

Below is an example where all 3 database settings, and the postgreSQL version are wrong  for a particular database and Dolphin4 Version:

If you see this error , or an error regarding your PostgreSQL version, you should contact your distributor so that they can correct the settings for you, or upgrade your PostgreSQL version as applicable.

Note regarding the database settings: 

It is possible, that if you are on an earlier version of Dolphin4 ( prior to 4.455.34.101) and have not been  upgraded since November 2011 , your database may have incorrect settings. You would not know this, as you would not see any of the warning messages regarding the settings. 

If you are on a version of Dolphin4 that is earlier than 4.455.34.101 ( read this previous post to see where to check your version number) , and you are experiencing exceptionally slow performance from Dolphin4 , it is certainly worth contacting your Distributor and asking them to check these settings for you, to ensure that they are correct , and if not, to correct them for you. 

If  these settings are correct on your version,and you are still not happy with the performance, you may want to consider an upgrade to a new release , as we have made substantial speed improvements to the software as a whole over the last 2 version releases. 

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