Saturday 4 August 2012

How to group Invoices by Client

Dolphin's grids are so flexible that users with the relevant access rights have the ability not only to drag and drop columns on and off the screen , but also to change how the screen appears by grouping data together by specific fields.

As an example - this post will show you how to Group your invoices by client name :

To start , go to the Home Tab , and open your Production Module , by selecting the Production Icon :

In older versions of Dolphin 4 , this icon will look like a set of cogs , or gears instead of the blue factory icon. 

Depending on the version of dolphin you have , and the country you are in , your dolphin may have a separate tab for your invoices , or your invoices might simply be listed in a smaller grid situated within the work ticket screen. You may also have both options.

For the purposes of this example we will show screenshots for the separate tab option - but the example will work for the nested grid option as well. You do need to have access rights to modify and save layout changes.

Select the Invoices tab - your screen should look as follows :

The section that says  " Drag a column header here to group by that column" is called the Group By Box. if you cannot see the Group By Box then you will need to right click to show the menu and select the option to show the Group By Box.

To find the menu , you will need to right click in the very small white space immediately above the grid header - the image below shows where to click.

right click immediately above the header section of the grid  - in the section between the white space and the column headings 
Select the "Show Group By Box" option, and the section will open up above your grid , as indicated in the first image. If you right click close to a column header , then you may open a menu with more options that one indicated, this is fine, as long as you can see an option on it called Show Group By Box

Once you can see the Group By Box above your grid,  take your mouse, click and hold it on the Client column in your grid , and drag and drop the column header  up into the section above the headings ( see image below) :

When you release your mouse , your grid will now look like this :

Each grouping , when opened will only show you the invoices pertinent to that client.

You can group by any of the columns on the grid - so if you wanted to split your invoices into Closed (paid) and Open , you could group by the Closed Column :

You can also sub-group by dragging a second column up into the section, so for example , once you have grouped by Closed (Paid ) , you could add the Client header up into the section to further sub-group the closed and open invoices by the client name:

Once you are happy with this grouping and layout , it is important that you SAVE when you exit the production module - otherwise the groupings will not save , and you will have to redo them the next time you work in Production.

When you exit  production , and the screen shown below pops up, click on YES to save the groupings you have created.

If you do not click on YES , your groupings will be lost , and you will have to redo them.

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