Tuesday 25 September 2012

Trend Micro OfficeScan Realtime Scan slows down PostgreSQL

UPDATE 5/10/2012 
 If these specific exclusions don't work then try disabling the RealTime Scan , this is not optimal and is not recommended by Trend Micro - but it may be the only way to continue working .

We strongly recommend that you set up a daily full scan of your server if you are going to disable the RealTime Scan.

This link to the Trend Micro website will tell you How to Disable the RealTime Scan in Trend Micro

Original Post
We have been recently made aware of an issue that is affecting our clients running Trend Micro OfficeScan.

OfficeScan has a feature called Realtime Scan, the constant scanning of the database causes PostgreSQL to slow down to the point where users are unable to login.

Trend Micro have detailed instructions on how to exclude specific software from the Realtime Scan , which can be found at the link below to their support site.

Excluding third-party software from the OfficeScan Realtime Scan

We strongly recommend that you only allow add exclusions for the specific program files associated with Dolphin and PostgreSQL. If you are unsure about which files or programs need to be added please contact your Dolphin  Distributor for assistance and allow them to set-up the exclusions for you.

Antivirus Software is one of the biggest causes of performance issues for Dolphin, you can read more details about factors affecting Dolphin4 speed in this previous post .

Thursday 13 September 2012

PostgreSQL version 8.4.13 released 17 August 2012

PostgreSQL have released a new version 8.4.13. on the 17th August 2012

The current release of dolphin requires that your PostgreSQL database is at least version 8.4.11 or higher. You will get a warning message when you login if you are not on this version or higher ( you can refer to this previous post to see what the message looks like )

If you are more technically inclined, you can read the release notes for version 8.4.13  on the PostgreSQL website , alternately , you can contact your Distributor for more information.

If you are running Dolphin4, we currently recommend that you run ( in order of preference ) the following versions of PostgreSQL for the best performance and stability in Dolphin4

  • 8.4.13 ( released 17 August 2012) 
  • 8.4.12 ( released 4 June 2012) 
  • 8.4.11 ( released 27 Feb 2012) 

You can also use the Useful Links ( which sit just underneath the twitter feed) on this blog at any time to check if there are new versions of PostgreSQL 8.4 available and the changes that are included with them. ( see the image below)

Thursday 6 September 2012

Old Versions of Dolphin will no longer be licensed in 2013

The following versions of Dolphin4 Software will no longer be supported or licensed from 1 October 2013.

  • 4.373.33.29
  • 4.378.34.35
We will also not be supporting or licensing any versions older than these. 

If you don't know how to check which version you are on, we have a previous post that explains where to look in Dolphin to see the version number.

We have a very small number of clients still on these versions, and we will be working with our Distributors over the next 12 months to upgrade them all to newer versions.

This does not affect any of our other clients who are already newer versions of the software.

Some clients , depending on their hardware , and other software installed on their machines may not even be able to work after 1 October 2012 .

We will load a future post with a more detailed explanation of why some clients may continue to experience issues after 1 October 2012.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

New Dolphin4 Version Released : what's new?

This short post will briefly list the main items included in our latest official release version 4.467.34.137 
, this was officially released on Friday 31 August to our Distributors, and is available for upgrade.

If you would like to read the full release notes for this version ( or any previous version) you can find the details at this link : DolphinWorxs Release Notes

The key changes and improvements in this new release are listed below : 

  • Better error handling in Production, on the Job form and for Issuing of stock to a job
  • Speed improvements in the Invoice Grid 
  • Better error handling in Estimating 
  • A new Help Button which links back to this blog for all users to access help directly from the software
  • Quotes with more than 100 quantities can now be processed without crashing the system
  • The minimum postgreSQL version is incremented up to 8.4.11 ( see this previous post which explains about postgreSQL versions
If you are interested in getting an upgrade, please contact your Distributor for more information.