Tuesday 4 September 2012

New Dolphin4 Version Released : what's new?

This short post will briefly list the main items included in our latest official release version 4.467.34.137 
, this was officially released on Friday 31 August to our Distributors, and is available for upgrade.

If you would like to read the full release notes for this version ( or any previous version) you can find the details at this link : DolphinWorxs Release Notes

The key changes and improvements in this new release are listed below : 

  • Better error handling in Production, on the Job form and for Issuing of stock to a job
  • Speed improvements in the Invoice Grid 
  • Better error handling in Estimating 
  • A new Help Button which links back to this blog for all users to access help directly from the software
  • Quotes with more than 100 quantities can now be processed without crashing the system
  • The minimum postgreSQL version is incremented up to 8.4.11 ( see this previous post which explains about postgreSQL versions
If you are interested in getting an upgrade, please contact your Distributor for more information. 

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