Thursday 13 September 2012

PostgreSQL version 8.4.13 released 17 August 2012

PostgreSQL have released a new version 8.4.13. on the 17th August 2012

The current release of dolphin requires that your PostgreSQL database is at least version 8.4.11 or higher. You will get a warning message when you login if you are not on this version or higher ( you can refer to this previous post to see what the message looks like )

If you are more technically inclined, you can read the release notes for version 8.4.13  on the PostgreSQL website , alternately , you can contact your Distributor for more information.

If you are running Dolphin4, we currently recommend that you run ( in order of preference ) the following versions of PostgreSQL for the best performance and stability in Dolphin4

  • 8.4.13 ( released 17 August 2012) 
  • 8.4.12 ( released 4 June 2012) 
  • 8.4.11 ( released 27 Feb 2012) 

You can also use the Useful Links ( which sit just underneath the twitter feed) on this blog at any time to check if there are new versions of PostgreSQL 8.4 available and the changes that are included with them. ( see the image below)

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