Wednesday 31 October 2012

How Tax Works in Dolphin - 3 Assigning a Default Tax to a Stock or Service Item

Following on from our previous post:  How Tax works in Dolphin - 2 Assigning a Default Tax to Clients and Suppliers, we will now briefly cover how to assign a default tax to a specific Stock or  Service item.

When you create a Stock or Service Item you can pick a default tax code for that item. You can also go back and edit the Item details.

This could be done where a specific Item is zero-rated for Tax , and will not have VAT or GST or another type of sales tax applied to it when you buy it , or when you sell it.

Here's how you do it ...

Go to the Setup Tab , and click on the Item Icon

A new screen will open which will list all the Stock items, and Service Items that are in your system and used in your quotes and work tickets .

Select an item from the list by clicking once on it, and then click on the edit button on the bottom left hand side of the grid :

On the edit screen , you should see a Tax Code field , which has a drop down of the available tax codes (which have been set up according to the previous post Setting Up Tax Types) .

Select the Tax code , and click on the OK button to save the change and exit the screen.

In Our next post (How tax works in Dolphin -4 Tax in your quotes) we will briefly outline how tax is calculated in your Quote letters

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