Monday 19 November 2012

Exporting Invoices from Dolphin into a text file

If you would like to export a list of your Invoices from Dolphin , it's a simple process which shouldn't take you more than a few minutes .

The process consists of 4 easy steps once you have the export screen open:

  • Select the file and /or folder for your export
  • Select the range of invoice numbers to be exported 
  • Confirm if you want overlapping export files 
  • Click on OK 

First open the Production module on the Home Tab:

Then navigate to the main Invoices Tab -  this will be at the top of the screen in a standard dolphin installation, ( see image below ) but may be in another position if you have customized the layout of your production module . 

Click on the Export Button which is found on the bottom left hand corner of grid : 

A popup screen will open - (shown below with the Xmas 2008 Blue theme) : 

The fields on this screen are explained below:

Export Filename
If you have a default folder and file name setup on your Invoices in the Doc Types Setups then these details will populate into the Export Filename field on the export screen.

If the field is blank , or you want to create a unique file name for this specific export you can edit the path and filename directly. You can also browse to a new folder by clicking on the browse button at the end of the field.

You can name the file anything you want, and can include numbers to indicate a series of exports , or even the date . If you do choose to include the date in the file name, the same formatting applies as with other  software products and files - in other words the date cannot include '/' or '\' . In the same way that you cannot name a Word document as "Word2012/21/12.docx" because your computer will read the slashes as part of the path name to the folder or directory.

If you do put slashes into the file name then at best you will get the following error  :

At worst , you will have a randomly named export file somewhere on your computer if the path happens to match a set of existing folders.

Export View
If you do not see anything in the Export View field, then it means your system is not setup to export anything and you should contact your distributor to fix this for you.

From and To
The from and to fields are used to indicate a range of invoice numbers that you wish to export - the fields must be completed otherwise nothing will export.

If you wish to export all your invoices , then make the From = 1 and the 2 greater than the last invoice number in your system.

Include already exported documents
The final selection is a tick box called "Include already exported documents"

By default , the export will exclude documents you have already exported, if you wish to export overlapping sets of data then you need to tick this box.  If you only want to export new invoices , that have not already been exported , then leave this tick box blank .

Click on OK.

You can now navigate and open the file on the directory specified for the export.

The file downloads as a txt file which is | (pipe) delimited. This can easily be opened and worked with in a spreadsheet.

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