Friday 5 December 2014

FAQ about the new License Billing Process in Australia

We've had a number of the same questions coming in from all our clients as we've called and spoken to all of you over the last 4 days, so here's a summary of the details, as we get more questions, we'll update this post with the details. 

Where do I get support from now , and can I call Dolphin Worxs ? 

You can come direct to us for support. 

Our contact details are 

+61 (3)  8725 0190 

We're working on getting New Zealand local numbers to call, and we do have VOIP tools with local conference numbers all over the world, so if you want to speak with us, we can easily set up a call, and send you a local phone number to call which will charge local rates ( or you can hop online and chat with us over VOIP at no cost) 

Skype Details 


What about my Custom work and Integrations with other systems ?

We are happy to support and work on this with you, and you are also welcome to approach any other third party provider to work on this for you. 

How does Dolphin Worxs Support Work ?  

Most issues that are really small, and indicate an actual bug or problem in dolphin will be fixed at no cost, as we consider these items to be included in your licensing.
If your request or issue is related to a custom built workflow, feature or part of the software, we may charge for our time.
When you call us, we will take a look at the issue, if we can fix it on the phone, we will, and if we can’t we’ll get back to you within 8 hours with feedback, or a fix.

If the problem is stopping you from working, we will work immediately on resolving it until you can work. 

Monday 1 December 2014

Announcement for Dolphin Clients in Australia , New Zealand, and the Asia/Pacific region

This content is copied directly from the main DolphinWorxs Blog -

Please note that Dolphin Software  licensing will be provided in the Australia,  New Zealand, and Asia/Pacific  Region directly from the developers, Dolphin Worxs, as from 1 January 2015
CT Consulting will no longer distribute Dolphin Software in the Australia, New Zealand and Asia/Pacific region.
When your next license falls due for renewal - Please do not pay CT Consulting for your next license, as they no longer have our/Dolphin Worxs’ authority nor access to grant new licenses. Direct Debit payment facilities are available for clients in Australia. If you would like to set up a Direct Debit, let us know. Debits are taken on the 25th of the month ( ie 5 days before the expiry of your current license).
Licenses are granted automatically when paid via the PayPal link, and within 48 hours of a confirmed bank transfer or cleared direct debit. Please ensure payments are made on time, as licenses are not granted without full payment.
If you have any questions, concerns or queries in regards to support for Dolphin Software , please do not hesitate to contact us.
Telephone (03) 8725 0190 Office hours Monday to Friday AEDT/AEST
Skype : dolphinworxs.headoffice
Email :
Stephanie Gaddin 
 CEO -DolphinWorxs Pty Ltd  

If you have any questions - please don't hesitate to contact DolphinWorxs HQ at the details listed.

We will be updating the main blog with FAQ's as we get queries. and also where relevant , this help blog as well

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Modules vs Add-ons - separating fact from fiction

Dolphin is sold in modules , there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to this approach, the biggest plus though, is that this allows medium size companies to license their software at a lower overall cost by only picking the modules they need.

In some regions, we also have a thriving ecosystem of add-ons, created by our Distributors, each add-on fills a niche for a specific set of functionality which is required on top of the core software.

This is a wonderful way to provide as much specific functionality across a range of different client needs without the core software being constantly changed.

Monday 1 September 2014

Dolphin MIS Recomended Retail Pricing to change in Australia from 1 October 2014

Pricing for Dolphin MIS Modules is set to change as from 1 October 2014 in the Australasia / Pacific Region.

This would be the first significant change to the monthly licensing fees in 2 years, with a negligible increase on only 2 modules in October 2013, and a minor increase in October 2012.

The total impact will depend on the make up of your monthly license, and how many modules have  licensed.

The RRP will go up  by $1 (AUD)  per full priced license, and 50c per discounted license. Floating Licenses and any clients with alternate Price Agreements will be impacted differently and should look out for specific communications in regards to the new license amounts from their distributors.

Your Distributor will have more information on how this will affect you.

Saturday 23 August 2014

How to Access the Planning Module

In our latest BETA v 4.481.34.171, there is a new button on the home menu

 This button opens the planning module. 

Even though we have always licensed planning as a seperate module, it was only accessible through production, and therefore could only be licensed to production users

Our new version functionally separates the 2 modules, so that they can be accessed by different users.

As from our new BETA version ( 4.481.34.171) and up , the planning module can be accessed from the Home Menu as follows :

On the Main Home tab, and using the small pencil icon on the QuickLinks bar above

Monday 28 July 2014

Dolphin MIS Beta Version available for client testing v4.481.34.171 out now

We just released a new BETA version for Dolphin4 ( Dolphin MIS / Dolphin Software ) to our distributors on 24 July 2014 .

This version has been released for client testing and verification, and is available to clients who wish to have the version installed and test prior to the official release of the next upgrade. 

As well as fixing a multitude of minor bugs , key highlights of this release include 

  • Planning has been separated out of the Production Module - it is no longer necessary to purchase both a production and planning license for staff that simply need to access the planning board. 
  • Printer settings are saved , and you can even specify specific documents to specific trays on your printer 
  • Speed improvements and efficiency gains in production (again) , making this one of the fastest releases of Dolphin available. 
  • Zero value stock can be receipted and allocated to jobs. 
  • We have a newer more accurate formula for Litho perfecting passes. 

To read the full list of items fixed , enhanced or added in this release, go to the release notes at this page 

If you would like to be a BETA test site, please contact your distributor to make the arrangements for an upgrade to the BETA version. 

If all goes well, we are expecting an official upgrade release within the next 2 months. 

Monday 31 March 2014

It's the final countdown ...

Those of us older than 15 would remember that line, and the song it came from as an anthem for the end-of-

The truth is, there are many 'final countdowns' each and every day. A final countdown to a Job being due, or a final countdown to a new client.

Today however marks the last week or so of XP and Office 2003 Support from Microsoft.

A special Message from our newest Staff Member in the Melbourne HQ