Monday 28 July 2014

Dolphin MIS Beta Version available for client testing v4.481.34.171 out now

We just released a new BETA version for Dolphin4 ( Dolphin MIS / Dolphin Software ) to our distributors on 24 July 2014 .

This version has been released for client testing and verification, and is available to clients who wish to have the version installed and test prior to the official release of the next upgrade. 

As well as fixing a multitude of minor bugs , key highlights of this release include 

  • Planning has been separated out of the Production Module - it is no longer necessary to purchase both a production and planning license for staff that simply need to access the planning board. 
  • Printer settings are saved , and you can even specify specific documents to specific trays on your printer 
  • Speed improvements and efficiency gains in production (again) , making this one of the fastest releases of Dolphin available. 
  • Zero value stock can be receipted and allocated to jobs. 
  • We have a newer more accurate formula for Litho perfecting passes. 

To read the full list of items fixed , enhanced or added in this release, go to the release notes at this page 

If you would like to be a BETA test site, please contact your distributor to make the arrangements for an upgrade to the BETA version. 

If all goes well, we are expecting an official upgrade release within the next 2 months.