Friday 5 December 2014

FAQ about the new License Billing Process in Australia

We've had a number of the same questions coming in from all our clients as we've called and spoken to all of you over the last 4 days, so here's a summary of the details, as we get more questions, we'll update this post with the details. 

Where do I get support from now , and can I call Dolphin Worxs ? 

You can come direct to us for support. 

Our contact details are 

+61 (3)  8725 0190 

We're working on getting New Zealand local numbers to call, and we do have VOIP tools with local conference numbers all over the world, so if you want to speak with us, we can easily set up a call, and send you a local phone number to call which will charge local rates ( or you can hop online and chat with us over VOIP at no cost) 

Skype Details 


What about my Custom work and Integrations with other systems ?

We are happy to support and work on this with you, and you are also welcome to approach any other third party provider to work on this for you. 

How does Dolphin Worxs Support Work ?  

Most issues that are really small, and indicate an actual bug or problem in dolphin will be fixed at no cost, as we consider these items to be included in your licensing.
If your request or issue is related to a custom built workflow, feature or part of the software, we may charge for our time.
When you call us, we will take a look at the issue, if we can fix it on the phone, we will, and if we can’t we’ll get back to you within 8 hours with feedback, or a fix.

If the problem is stopping you from working, we will work immediately on resolving it until you can work. 

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