Monday 5 January 2015

The Login Screen : so much info, on such a small screen

A login screen is just a login screen , right ? Ahh, but is it ?

Here's the skinny on exactly what the Dolphin Login screen has to offer , besides just a place to login.

As per the numbers on the image - here's a brief description of each item. 

1 – Shows the current version number
2 –The location (server name) where the dolphin database is installed
3 – The database name (the default is dolphin_mis)
4 – Link to the latest list of available versions of the software (and release notes)
5- Main DolphinWorxs website
6 – Login button which agrees to the End User License Agreement (EULA)
7 – Non-acceptance (cancellation of the login)
8 – Click this button to access and read or print the full EULA
9 – Link to the main global twitter account for DolphinWorxs
10 – User name drop down
11 – Password field 

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