Thursday 12 February 2015

Dolphin is a Multi-threaded application

We have recently been assisting clients who are upgrading their server machines and other computer hardware. 

In all cases , an external IT vendor has contradicted our advice and recommendations, and some clients have ended up with a slower system as result. 

Here is a plain English explanation of what you need to tell your IT provider so that they understand why they cannot recommend a lower spec machine than the one we recommend. 

Dolphin is a multi-threaded application. 

We have been told that some of the IT vendors will tell you that they have checked,  and it's a single threaded application. 

They are wrong, for 2 main reasons. 

1) They are not the developers of the program, and they really have no idea how the engine works. 

2) Dolphin is designed to produce vastly complex quotes and calculations as quickly as possible - so we fire in multiple queries across a multiple threads whenever we need to, to accomplish the fastest result possible. 

If you are looking to replace your hardware - please speak to us about the minimum requirements for Dolphin, as well as the optimal hardware setups required for both your server and your client machines. 

Please don't buy anything until your IT vendor has been put in touch with us to get a more realistic explanation of what hardware you will need. 

You wouldn't put second rate spare parts in your car, so why take the chance with fundamental equipment required to run your business ? 

Monday 9 February 2015

wild card searches in Dolphin 4

Did you know you can do a wildcard search on the grids in dolphin ? 

What it really means is you can search for things that contain the letters or part of the word you remember about a clients name ,  or address , or contact name.  

Here's how it works