Thursday 23 April 2015

The final cut on Guillo setups

The setups for guillotines in dolphin are fairly standard , however , we've recently had a question about pre-trims, and how you can add a pre-trim to a job and also guillotine at the end .

The short answer is the pre-trim is already included in the Guillotine Setup -  here's some pictures and a bit more detail to help with understanding how to setup your guillotine or trims so you can get the costing you want.

Lets review some of the Guillotine setups first :

The Guillotine Setup
On the Guillo setup , you can specify the following 
C/hr = Cost per hour 
Min Cost = Minimum cost to charge per job 
Cuts/hr = Cuts per hour 
MR Time = Overall Make ready Time 
MR Time Work Cuts = Specific make ready time for cutting a work sheets
MR Time Stock Cuts = Specific make ready time for cutting a stock sheets

The Cut Sheet Table
This is a lookup table which specifies the number of single or double cuts for the number up on your job.
It's nothing really complicated, and pretty standard, you shouldn't really be messing with this one unless someone accidentally deleted something and you need to fix it. 

Screenshot of Cut Sheet Table
Cut Sheet Table 

The Trims Table 
This lookup table specifies the number of cuts to trim down a stock sheet based on the number out of the job 
Screenshot of the Trims Table
Trims Lookup Table 

The Stack Sheet Table
Now we get to the good stuff. This is the table where you will capture the specs for your guillotine and enter the number of sheets your guillotine can cut in a single pile, per gsm. 

Screenshots of the Stack Sheets per GSM
Stack Sheets per GSM 

How does this all work together? 
When you add the guillotine to your quote , Dolphin will automatically calculate the cost based on the total cuts that are determined to be required for this job. 

The total cuts are include both the trims of the stock sheet and the cuts of the worksheet. 

In other words, when you add a guillotine, cutting down the stock sheet is included in the costing, and does not have to be added separately. 

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