Thursday 3 March 2016

What is covered by the license fee for Dolphin 4 Software ?

We've been asked this question a number of times over the last 8 weeks by our dolphin 3 and dolphin 4 clients, and we know that it's often not easy to remember every single thing about the terms and conditions of the services you pay for.
Here are the 3 main components of what is covered by your license: 

Ongoing use of the software -
marked by the expiry date for the license you buy in advance. You can choose the number of months, with anything from monthly debit orders to quarterly, 6 monthly and annual licenses available. 
- Support and maintenance of the software - 
This means you can phone us, and if the problem is dolphin related, we will help you to fix it over the phone at no cost. We are also more than happy to chat with your IT service provider about any issues we find that are not dolphin related so they can assist you in fixing any network or hardware problems. 
Ongoing improvements and upgrades to the software - 
This mainly applies to Dolphin 4 Clients as Dolphin 3 is no longer sold and we do not work on updates or upgrades to Dolphin 3. As a Dolphin 4 client, you are entitled to a free upgrade , with each new release of the software ( with some small caveats in regards to extensively modified and customised installations) 

Call us and ask if you need to know how something works, or want clarity on your license fees, we are more than happy to chat with you anytime.