Anti-virus Issues

This page has links to help and support sites for antivirus products that are known to interfere with , or stop Dolphin from working optimally.

This list is updated as issues become known to us.

The lists and links are not an endorsement of the products or information.

If you are unsure about anything related to your anti-virus software , please contact your Dolphin4 distributor to chat about your issues before you make any changes to your settings or scanning frequency or rules.
  • AVG 

Over time we have found ESET NOD to be almost impossible to run alongside Dolphin. The Antivirus does not work well with a postgreSQL database, and in particular the free version of ESET NOD is incredibly difficult and requires an almost daily check to ensure that the exclusions have not been taken away, changed or deleted by the program updates.
We almost always recommend to clients with ESET NOD that they install a different antivirus if they consistently find that Dolphin is crashing due to the antivirus killing the database or sequestering the relevant files required to run the program .
If you do want to add a file exception in ESET NOD the details and video link below will help.

How to add a file exception in ESET NOD 

Some of our clients have reported that even after excluding dolphin, and it's database files and folders from the Trend Micro scans ( RealTime and scheduled) this does not stop Trend Micro from interfering quite substantially with the functioning of both the dolphin software , as well as their server hardware and network.

We note that in this case , you may need to change your anti-virus software to a different product.

Excluding third-party software from the OfficeScan Realtime Scan

  • BITDEFENDER Total Security 2012 

Adding Exclusions in BitDefender ( these instructions are for the Antivirus , you may need to add a rule in for the Firewall as well in some instances) 

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