EULA - Important Info

The End User License Agreement ( EULA) are the terms and conditions under which the software is installed and used. 

Below are some important terms of the EULA , which are explained or highlighted . 


Payment is always in advance . The payment terms in the EULA are as follows 

    • Activation Fees are payable on order, with terms and conditions of sale being assumed as negotiated.
    • Software License Fees are payable in advance, monthly or bi-annually upon clients request.
    • Payment terms for other services rendered are Cash on Order, unless otherwise negotiated and agreed to in writing.
What this means is 

Whenever you need a new module to be activated for a new staff member, we will issue an invoice as soon as you place the order, or make the request to us via email. The Invoice is due immediately, and as soon as payment is received the module is activated. 

Licensing is invoiced in the month before expiry. Payment for new licenses is strictly in advance. If you pay after your expiry date, you may experience downtime, as your access to the system is subject to payment being received in advance of your current license expiry. 

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