Monday 31 March 2014

It's the final countdown ...

Those of us older than 15 would remember that line, and the song it came from as an anthem for the end-of-

The truth is, there are many 'final countdowns' each and every day. A final countdown to a Job being due, or a final countdown to a new client.

Today however marks the last week or so of XP and Office 2003 Support from Microsoft.

A special Message from our newest Staff Member in the Melbourne HQ

What does this mean for our clients ? 

If you're already upgraded to another OS or Office version, then you are not affected at all. We removed XP from our list of minimum requirements in April 2013 in preparation for this loss of support from Microsoft.

If you're still running XP, then the biggest impact is going to be the fact that Microsoft will no longer release security updates for XP.

 It's not advisable to remain on XP for long after the support has ended, this is mainly because that risk of vulnerability does exist. And it can be exploited. And choosing to stay on XP really isn't good in the long run for your business.

So here's a reminder that the countdown has begun with little over a week to go. Please contact your IT support , or provider and make sure you get all the necessary information for upgrading your OS.

 And just for kicks , here's some cello's to play you out , with The Final Countdown.

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