Sunday 22 April 2012

Where do I find the dolphin version number?

Dolphinworxs provides public release notes and a support timetable for clients, which are updated with each BETA or official release. This is all good and well, but if you don't know what version of dolphin you are using, it's easy to see how it could get confusing.

Here's a quick snapshot of where to find out which version of dolphin you are using, so you can see if you have all the features and bug fixes that have been released.

Login to Dolphin

The first place you will see it , is on the login screen

Title Ribbon

If you missed that on your way in , don't worry, because the next place you'll see it , is on the top of the menu bar

If you haven't had an upgrade since before October 2010, then the next few places won't be in the copy of dolphin you are using.

If you have been upgraded somewhere after October 2010, then you can also view the version number on the About Dolphin screen:

About Dolphin

If you click on the About Dolphin Button ( the blue 'i' at the far right of the Home Tab, next to the Feedback button) 

An About Screen will open which (amongst other things) lists the current version number of the the copy of dolphin installed on your computer , or on your server; 

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