Friday 18 September 2015

Enabling and Disabling the Auto Calc option in Estimating

One of the optional Setups in the estimating module is an Auto Calc option. 

When this setting is enabled, the quote or job will recalculate as you tab from field to field and make changes. 

If the setting is disabled, any changes made to the quote are not automatically calculated and you will need to manually trigger a recalc or refresh. 

The setting is useful only on older versions of Dolphin, and where the PC or server is a little older and slower than optimal, because when the hardware is not optimal, a recalc of a quote can take a couple of seconds. 

Our recommendation is that it should always be enabled, unless your hardware and network settings are a little on the slow side, and you prefer to get through the quote first in one go, and then calc everything to see the result. . 

The setting works per user - so individual users can choose to enable or disable it as per their preferences without affecting any other user in the company. 

This is how to enable or disable it . 

In the Estimating module, on the Calculate  Button, select the drop down to the right of the calculator image to expand the drop down menu 

Make sure that the Auto Calc option has a tick next to it ( as indicated in the image above) if you want the setting enabled. 

To disable it , click on it and remove the tick