Tuesday 25 September 2012

Trend Micro OfficeScan Realtime Scan slows down PostgreSQL

UPDATE 5/10/2012 
 If these specific exclusions don't work then try disabling the RealTime Scan , this is not optimal and is not recommended by Trend Micro - but it may be the only way to continue working .

We strongly recommend that you set up a daily full scan of your server if you are going to disable the RealTime Scan.

This link to the Trend Micro website will tell you How to Disable the RealTime Scan in Trend Micro

Original Post
We have been recently made aware of an issue that is affecting our clients running Trend Micro OfficeScan.

OfficeScan has a feature called Realtime Scan, the constant scanning of the database causes PostgreSQL to slow down to the point where users are unable to login.

Trend Micro have detailed instructions on how to exclude specific software from the Realtime Scan , which can be found at the link below to their support site.

Excluding third-party software from the OfficeScan Realtime Scan

We strongly recommend that you only allow add exclusions for the specific program files associated with Dolphin and PostgreSQL. If you are unsure about which files or programs need to be added please contact your Dolphin  Distributor for assistance and allow them to set-up the exclusions for you.

Antivirus Software is one of the biggest causes of performance issues for Dolphin, you can read more details about factors affecting Dolphin4 speed in this previous post .

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