Wednesday 3 September 2014

Modules vs Add-ons - separating fact from fiction

Dolphin is sold in modules , there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to this approach, the biggest plus though, is that this allows medium size companies to license their software at a lower overall cost by only picking the modules they need.

In some regions, we also have a thriving ecosystem of add-ons, created by our Distributors, each add-on fills a niche for a specific set of functionality which is required on top of the core software.

This is a wonderful way to provide as much specific functionality across a range of different client needs without the core software being constantly changed.

It can sometimes however lead to a bit of confusion as the distinction between a core module and an add-on becomes blurred, particularly when something goes wrong at a technical level, you may not know who is responsible for fixing whatever is broken.

The core modules of Dolphin MIS are


You can read all about them on our website on the Dolphin 4 page

Integration is the newest of our modules, we have no clients using it currently. It is however a fantastic option for clients who run a separate web to print system and need their jobs to feed into the software automatically , calculate and go to the factory floor for planning.

Our Distributors also provide a number of addons ; these include sync's to various accounting packages , email functions to automatically send out emails , and  a host of other nifty functions that can be bolted onto the core system.

Your licensing for the core modules gives you the following

Free upgrades
Telephone/ email  support from your distributor
Troubleshooting support for issues affecting the core modules

Your licensing on the core modules does not cover the functionality of the addons however, which are separately licensed or sold  by the Distributors where they are available.

If an add on is not working, and the distributor cannot fix it themselves , or work is required in the core software for the add on to function, this work is considered a customisation request by us here at Dolphin HQ , and the time is billable back to the Distributor as a consulting rate by our team of developers.

Your Distributor may pass on a portion, or the whole of this cost to you, it would be incumbent upon you to request a breakdown of any billing for additional work , or support provided by the distibutor where you are using an add on that is not listed above as a core module of Dolphin MIS

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