Monday 2 July 2012

Adding and Removing Icons from the Quote Bar in Estimating

Dolphin4 has many options that allow you to personalise and streamline your Dolphin4 experience. 

Previous posts have covered how you can change the skin / theme of Dolphin4, and also how to highlight the overridden fields in your quotes. 

Today's post covers how to remove icons from the Quote Bar, or if they have been accidentally removed, how to put them back . 

The Quote Bar is the menu bar that runs along the length of the estimating screen : 

The icons are clustered along from the left of the screen , but the menu we are interested in today , is accessed from the drop down right , right at end , in the far right , directly underneath the exit button for the Estimating Screen; 

Full Quote bar, with the menu access button shown in the red square

The icons on the Quote Bar 

Once you have clicked the arrow, hover your mouse over the 'Add or Remove Buttons' option and a new flyout menu comes out on the left, move your mouse over and hover over 'Quote Bar' , at this point an entire menu showing the icons , with ticks next to them will open up:

Move your mouse up and down this menu and remove the icons that you don't want on the menu bar.

An example below shows a menu with certain icons removed , and what the Quote Bar actually looks like without the icons. 

Quote Bar with removed icons 

If you have accidentally removed icons , you can either tick them again on this menu , or select the Reset Toolbar options from the bottom of the menu to get all the original icons back in the default Quote Bar.


  1. Each iteam on the quote bar in estimating has a tag on it so when you hover the mouse over the button it tells you what the button does.
    However the convert to job button doesn't?

    1. Hi There

      Thank you for your feedback, I have verified this issue with our developers and we will be fixing it as soon as we can slot it into our work schedule.

      Kind Regards