Saturday 21 July 2012

Why does my BETA version have a countdown message - and what does it mean ?

In a previous post titled What do the Alpha and Beta Messages mean when I login to Dolphin 4? posted in May 2012 , we covered the two release messages that you could see if you were logging into a test release , instead of an offical release of Dolphin4.

We have recently made updates to this process, specifically to our BETA release which counts down for a maximum of 120 days on a BETA version from the date it is released.

The BETA message used to look like this :

The new message will now include a count of the number of days left before the BETA version will not allow you to login any more:

The purpose of this countdown is to ensure that once an official, signed off and tested release is available (which it will be in far less time than the 120 day time limit on the BETA) that clients running the BETA versions are moved as quickly as possible to the official release versions.

We are aware that the 120 day countdown might end before the actual expiry date of the licensing already paid for some clients, what this means in practise is that you should ask your Distributor to let you know as soon as there is an official release available so you can be upgraded before the 120 countdown ends .

You can check up yourself if we have new BETA versions, or official releases available at this web page. You can also navigate on that site to details of what changes and bug fixes have been made in each version.

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